Friday, October 17, 2008

Sign@Mobile - Mobile Signature Capturing and Work Distribution

Is your company's work-force constantly on the move? Do you need an efficient way to distribute work and confirm the work has been completed? Then Sign@Mobile will be your saving grace!

Whether you need to instantly distribute work digitally to several hundred employees, or simply keep a continuous and managed record of all proofs of purchases, Sign@Mobile can help you manage your business with absolutely no paperwork.

Key Benefits:

  • Compact device to collect all client information including signature as opposed to bulky and annoying A4 pad

  • Automatic and efficient archiving and synchronization between mobile and master computer

  • Exports cross-platform compatible document in PDF format, ready for print and emailing

  • Communication between employers and employees is instant via the internet

For more details please visit the Sign@Mobile Solution.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

EPOS- Software Installation and Support

As a successful software company, our consulting team at the Creative Solving has the expertise of providing EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) and Touch Screen solutions. This service is very useful to single retail outlets trying to improve customer services and managing stock control at the same time.

Our company directors have both the technological and business support background. Our creative team has the capacity to deliver EPOS solutions including installation, training, and ongoing support for your business. Outr team also has expertise in providing Web-Mobile solutions, e-commerce, email marketing etc. Depending on the nature of your business, we at the creative solving can come up with a suitable EPOS and business solutions.

Advantage of using EPOS Software

* Fast and reliable customer services at the point of sale

* Manage Stock Control- get instant reports on stock, stock balance and departmental analysis

* Manage Customer Profile- create customer accounts, and manage customer profile

* e- Marketing- send your customers promotional offers without incurring additional marketing cost
* Instant Sales Reports- get instant reports with sales analysis

For more details please visit Touch Screen Solution

RFID student Monitor

Creative Solving’s unique software solution provides the functionality of student attendance using RFID. The application will be running in the client’s Server as an intranet or Internet based application.

It reads the data from RFID based student card and process the attendance for any specific events e.g Lecture, tutorials. Student, Teacher, Program leader can see the related attendance, percentage, communication between teachers and student. It can also be integrated with Biometric Finger Print reader, Barcode Scanner and Web interface.

It has efficient searching and reporting method to give the data of specific student, module, Attendance level. The animation files attached may give the brief idea and screen shot of the application.

Benefits upon Completion of Objectives
• Saving the time of attendance call during the class.
• Reducing paper based system
• More authentic attendance system
• More interaction between the student and programme leaders or teachers.

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RFID student Monitor